CBD Oil Tincture Unflavored (2000mg)

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Ingredients: Organic CBD Oil

2000 MG botttle of 100% Organic CBD oil is ~ 67 mg CBD per 1 mL 

Bottle size: 30 mL / 1 oz.


5 reviews for CBD Oil Tincture Unflavored (2000mg)

  1. Florence

    Hello! A really remarkable product! Thank you.

  2. Ryan M (verified owner)

    I’ve probably tried 20-25 CBD brands. New Life, particularly the 2000 mg tincture, is hands down one of my favorites. Helps me with inflammation, aches and pains etc. Very good. Highly recommend

  3. UCApothecary

    I have been using the 2,000mg tincture for about a year after learning that I have a naturally high tolerance to CBD (smaller dosages don’t work as well for me) and I much prefer the quality and taste of the New Life CBD to what I have tried before. I use it, mostly for menstrual pain and take about 6 drops at a time. Sometimes, the relief lasts 4 hours, sometimes it lasts 12, but it always helps. I have stopped using OTC painkillers because they make me nauseous and don’t want to damage my liver/kidneys in the long run. This stuff works. It has also worked well for anxiety and sleep. My hubby also uses it for pain and my Staffordshire mix uses it for anxiety…great and safe for the whole family. Highly recommend.

  4. Cecilia Kobie

    Good job on this product! It completely takes my pain away. Many thanks.

  5. Julie (verified owner)

    I love this product! I started using it for my high blood pressure after I had allergic reactions to 4 prescription drugs for hypertension and it works better than the pharmaceutical drugs with no allergic reaction.

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