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100% Natural
Full Spectrum

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We use only natural, organic, GMO and pesticide-free ingredients in all of our CBD products.


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Organic Coconut Oil


Organic Shea Butter


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Raw Beeswax

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD oil is the most comprehensive type of CBD. This means that the product contains other natural cannabinoids found in the plant. Most people buy Full spectrum CBD because if you have the full spectrum of cannabinoids they can play off each other to give you maximum efficacy.

Full Disclosure

Our products are independently tested for their integrity and your health. Read our Certificates of Analysis.

After serious trauma from dropping wood on to my toe, it turned black and inflamed instantly. I didn’t sleep a wink that night from the pain and could hardly walk the next morning. After a recommendation from a close friend, I applied New Life CBD Spray, and hours later….I was at work!

Joshua, 31 using CBD Oil Spray

I started taking the New Life 350 MG tincture. Thank you New Life CBD for giving me, what feels like, my life back.

Delores, 75 using 350 MG Oil Tincture

Jedi is a 12 year old greyhound/Shepard mix. Seeing him struggle was really painful. It works for me. And it works for my dog.

Meghan, 31 & Jedi, 12 using 350MG Oil Tincture

I understand fully why they call this product NEW LIFE….because it has certainly given me another one.


Just purchased a month’s supply today and I’m excited to have the same relief tonight. It was very nice to meet someone who cares so much about other people and their well being.


Best thing ever for my planter fasciitis!! One of the many things it helps with!


I’ve been taking New Life CBD oil for over a month now. Grateful for a natural alternative.

Maggie, 29, using 750MG Oil Tincture

Thank you for creating this product. I am finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and getting my life back again!