About The New Life CBD Oil

Our CBD Products

Established in 2016, New Life believes in the importance of allowing pure plants and their ingredients into our bodies; therefore, we provide hemp CBD products that are of high organic quality. This is why our CBD oil is 100% organic and CO2 extracted. Our hemp oil is mixed with a maximum of 3 ingredients, all of which are wildcrafted, GMO and pesticide-free. New Life stands by the power of our products and the power of hemp. We are passionate about helping others feel the benefits of hemp.

                                All New Life CBD products are:


                                                      *CO₂ extracted

                                                      *Full Spectrum 

                                             *Colorado-full sun grown

                                                       *Lab Tested 

                                                * 3 Ingredients or less                                                                                                            

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide people and pets the opportunity to achieve the highest quality of life possible with organic hemp through the use of pure plant products.

My name is Marisa Hinchcliff and I am the Owner and Founder of New Life CBD. We are an Asheville, North Carolina-born company passionate about helping people and pets. I created this company out of a genuine desire to aid people in leading the highest quality of life possible. I experienced dislocating knee caps from a young age and suffered for over a decade with constant knee pain. I know what it is like to suffer every day; to forget that days without pain ever existed. Therefore, it is my purpose and the purpose of New Life CBD to make an authentic shift in the overall quality of the lives of those who are suffering.

Our products mirror my commitment to health and helping others achieve a new life. Everyone deserves to lead a fulfilling life. We are here for you. We are a voice for you. We wish you health and happiness.