We hear you! CBD Oil Testimonials & Feedback

“After serious trauma from dropping wood on to my toe, it turned black and inflamed instantly. I didn’t sleep a wink that night from the pain and could hardly walk the next morning. After a recommendation from a close friend, I applied New Life CBD Spray, and hours later….I was at work!”

-Joshua, 31 using CBD Oil Spray


“I started taking the New Life 350 MG tincture. Thank you New Life CBD for giving me, what feels like, my life back.”

-Delores, 75 using 350 MG Oil Tincture


Jedi-Photo-2-(2)Jedi is a 12 year old greyhound/Shepard mix. Seeing him struggle was really painful. It works for me. And it works for my dog.”

-Meghan, 31 & Jedi, 12 using 350MG Oil Tincture






“I understand fully why they call this product NEW LIFE….because it has certainly given me another one.”



“I’ve been taking New Life CBD oil for over a month now. Grateful for a natural alternative.”

-Maggie, 29, using 750MG Oil Tincture


“Thank you for creating this product. I am finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and getting my life back again!”